By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 24, 2014
© Bettmann / CORBIS

Thanksgiving—a time to come together with family and friends, appreciate what we have and eat delicious food. Also, according to a new index, it is a time to be miserable. Estately, a real estate blog, ranked every state in America for its Thanksgiving misery index. The creators took into account the tried and true ways to ruin Thanksgiving as well as some under-appreciated chances to screw up turkey day. With information from the CDC, the NFL and Facebook, among other sources, Estately explored topics like the probablility that your meal will devolve into a drunken argument, that someone will storm out over political differences, that you might get food poisoning and that your football team will lose—thus destroying the morale of the entire household.

Coming in at number one with the most miserable Thanksgiving in America? Ohio. It’s a political swing state with plenty of beer that also happens to be home to the Cleveland Browns (although, who knows, this could be their year). It’s a Thanksgiving disaster trifecta. But chin up Ohio, there’s more to Thanksgiving than football and politics. Namely, great food, and with inspiration from local stars like Michael Symon and Jonathon Sawyer, you guys can make turkey and stuffing with the best of them.

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But as long as we have the stats, we should mention the least miserable state for Thanksgiving: Hawaii. We’d probably be happy in November too if Thanksgiving dinner was served with a tropical sunset as its backdrop. At least the rest of us can feel better knowing that Hawaiians have to pay the most for their turkeys.