These Mixing Bowls with 8,000 Perfect Ratings Come with Built-In Graters, so You Can Prep, Cook, and Store All in One Container

And they’re over 30% off right now.

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 Wildone Mixing Bowls Set of 5 Tout

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Some people say knives are the building blocks of a good kitchen, but I disagree. For me, it’s mixing bowls. A few weeks ago, my partner packed a fruit salad in my favorite mixing bowl and brought it to a memorial. When I realized what she had done, I was distraught. “How long do you think it’ll take for them to give it back?” I asked her repeatedly. She didn’t seem to understand: After the amount of food I’d marinated, mixed, and prepped in that bowl, I’d grown (very) attached.

I ended up getting the bowl back, but I spent the remaining time there researching some of the best mixing bowls. If I hadn’t gotten them back, this set from Wildone is what I would’ve grabbed without a doubt, and right now it’s 30% off at Amazon.

Wildone Mixing Bowls Set of 5


To buy: Wildone Set of 5 Mixing Bowls, $34 (originally $50) at

These mixing bowls are special, no years of use required. That’s all thanks to the fact that not only are they mixing bowls, they’re storage containers, measuring cups, and a mandoline, all in one. Each stainless steel bowl has markings inside to help you measure, in order to save on dishes later, and a non-slip silicone bottom so you can whisk without having the bowl go flying.

But the main attraction here is the lids. Each bowl comes with a tight-fitting lid that transforms it into a storage container. And each lid has a hole smack in the middle, where you can place one of three grating attachments. Yes, you can pop on a grater and shred cheese, lettuce, onions, garlic, or whatever else you want directly into the bowl. When a grater attachment isn’t inserted, the lid works as a splash guard.

If all of that still didn’t convince you, maybe the fact that these bowls have 8,000 perfect ratings will. Shoppers love them for their versatility and how easy they are to clean. 

One shopper writes, “I wish I knew about these years ago when I got married because I would have registered for them! I love that they are stainless steel so they are naturally non-toxic, the bottoms help the bowls grip to the surface so I don’t have to worry when whisking or mixing, the lids are amazing for easy storage, and I love the sizes! I could go on and on!” 

Another reviewer adds, “We enjoy cooking and this set is a great addition to the kitchen. The grater feature is excellent. The bottoms grip well to the counters and the tops to the bowls.”

Yes, I’m very attached to my current mixing bowls. But I might just step out on them after thinking about this Wildone set some more. At just over $6 a bowl, they’re practically a steal.

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