WGA Writers Are Getting Free Food While They Strike, Courtesy of Drew Carey

The "Price Is Right" host is picking up the tab at Bob's Big Boy and Swingers Diner, tip included.

Drew Carey; Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, CA

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The Writers Guild of America (WGA) went on strike at the beginning of this month, and the writers’ many allies have included the bands Weezer and Imagine Dragons, the ever-present inflatable union advocate Scabby the Rat, and now comedian Drew Carey. The longtime host of The Price is Right has offered to buy lunches and dinners for any card-carrying member of the WGA at two Los Angeles-area restaurants, and he’s already paid for $10,000 worth of meals. 

“Attention #WGA Folks,” Carey posted on Twitter. “Show your WGA card at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank or Swingers Diner on Beverly (near Fairfax) and your meal is free. For the duration of the strike. Dine-in only. Tip included.” 

Stephanie Wilson, the owner of Swinger’s Diner, told ABC7 that over 80 WGA members took Carey up on his offer over the weekend, and he’s already on the hook for around $10,000 worth of meals and tips. "The amount of people that have come in to take advantage of the offer has been awesome," Wilson told the outlet. "Pretty overwhelming. People are really touched and moved that Drew Carey would go to such an extreme to take care of artists. It's really wonderful."

“It doesn’t get any better than [Drew Carey] — but we already all knew that,” Swingers followed up on Instagram. “We are honored to take part in his latest act of generosity and help feed all the striking writers.” 

“Drew’s been super supportive,” Jim Garvey, a writer for the CBS series True Lies told ABC7. “And then people you don't even know, who just live in neighborhoods, will show up with water and drinks. The support we've had has been fantastic."

This is the first Hollywood-related strike since the last WGA strike in early 2008. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Carey was quick to offer his support then, too. He offered to pay for any WGA member’s meals at the Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside Drive. The restaurant’s manager at the time told the Los Angeles Times that between 20 and 40 WGA members came in to eat on Carey’s tab every single day.

And as much as we love Scabby, so far we haven't heard anything about him ponying up to buy anyone lunch.

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