Wendy's Is Giving Away Free Food for 3 Full Weeks While Mercury Is in Retrograde

Now may not be the time to make any big decisions, but it is your chance to snag a free snack at Wendy's.

If your day is going wrong in a thousand little ways — whether you sent an email to the wrong person, your printer seems to be permanently offline, or your mail was all delivered to the wrong address — it's not you. It's Mercury. Today is the start of three weeks of mistakes, miscommunications, and minor mishaps, all courtesy of that little red planet. And while it can't do much about the planetary alignment, Wendy's is at least here to make your Mercury retrograde a little brighter with free food.

A Wendy's bacon cheeseburger


Mercury will be in retrograde through Sunday, May 14, and according to Astrology Zone, all of us may be affected in some small way (if you believe in that kind of thing). Since Mercury is the planet that rules all forms of communication, the site says that we should all be careful when writing and speaking and probably shouldn't "make any important moves," like signing a contract, buying a house, or planning a trip. 

We apparently can't avoid whatever mishaps this whole Mercury thing may cause, but Wendy's wants to give us all something to help us through it. From today, Friday, April 21, through May 14 — the entire time Mercury is in retrograde — Wendy's will be serving up a "Mercury Menu" with BOGO faves and freebies on orders placed through the Wendy's app. 

You can score a BOGO $1 premium sandwich (like the Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger) with any purchase made through the app. From Monday, April 24, through Sunday, April 30, customers can pick up a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich with any purchase. The deal for the week between Monday, May 1, and Sunday, May 7, is a free six-piece Crispy or Spicy Chicken Nuggets with any purchase, and the Mercury Menu wraps up with a free Hot & Crispy Fry of any size between Monday, May 8 and Sunday, May 14. 

Again, these deals are only eligible on orders made through the Wendy's mobile app, and all of them require an additional purchase to collect the $1 BOGO deal or the free items. (And you can't collect any of these deals if you place a mobile order through any other app, including any other food delivery services.) 

Here's hoping that nothing goes terribly wrong for any of us over the next few weeks. And, once we hit mid-May, we can't blame Mercury for any of our mistakes, at least not until its next period of retrograde begins on Wednesday, August 23. Fingers crossed that Wendy's will be there for us then, too. 

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