Stop Everything, Wendy's Chili Will Soon Be Available in Grocery Stores

Details are scarce, but we're excited nonetheless.

Wendy's chili

Courtesy of Wendy's

Real Wendy's lovers know to order the chili. 

Some fans dunk buttery crackers into the soup, others pour it atop cheesy fries or go as far as to scoop it onto the chain's steamy baked potato. But what if we told you that soon, you could get this beloved tomato-based beef chili at a grocery store near you? Well, guess what, mega fans, that dream is becoming a reality.

A few eagle-eyed reporters noted that during the Feb. 21 CAGNY conference, ConAgra Brands, which owns Wendy's, announced that it's rolling out a canned option of the beloved chili for fans who want it as an at-home delight. (Located on slide 81 of the presentation for those who require a little proof.)

Details are extremely scarce on the release, including when it will be available, the cost, and which retailers will carry the product. However, there is one more hint that it has to be coming soon. The soup has already been listed on Instacart, including its ingredients, nutrition facts, and that iconic Wendy's label. And FYI, each serving comes with 29 grams of protein and is made with all-natural beef and no preservatives. 

For those who don't already love the soup, here's a little backstory to educate you.

As the story goes, Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's, created the soup to combat food waste in his kitchens.

"Being a resourceful man — and a little ahead of his time — Dave Thomas inherently understood the concept of food recovery," Wendy's shared in a post. "By building the brand on the promise of serving fresh, never frozen beef, Dave knew his hamburgers would have a shorter shelf-life. He even asked himself, 'what do you do with the leftover hamburger?' The answer was simple: combine the beef we use for our hamburgers with a hearty helping of vegetables, chili beans, and a dash of spice."

This new, grocery-ready option should have Wendy's fans psyched because the brand has a fearless history of pushing the envelope with its in-store products. For example, it previously partnered with Kellogg's to offer a chocolate Frosty flavored cereal and Pringles to sell spicy chicken sandwich seasoned chips.

But, again, even Wendy's knows its best offering may indeed be the Chili. "There's something to be said about the level of comfort a bowl of chili can bring." the company added in its blog. "When it comes to our list of menu items we wish we could snuggle, chili definitely tops the list."

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