By FWx Editors
Updated September 10, 2015
© Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

Like most children of the later decades of the 20th century we are (totally reasonably) obsessed with the later decades of the 20th century. That’s why we’re launching a throwback series. Every Thursday we’ll harken back to simpler times—times when sat on the couch eating Pizza Bagels, watching reruns of Dinosaurs (which included the greatest use of a frying pan in the history of shows about animatronic dinosaurs), times when we got into heated arguments with our parents about whether or not it was a good idea to frost our tips (it was), times when we just couldn’t figure out which Pog we wanted to trade.

We’ll have new throwback content every Thursday, but in case you missed it. Here are some of our favorites from the archives: