By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 21, 2014
This isn't just fried rice. This is special fried rice.
Courtesy of Jane and Mary Box

In case you live off the route of the upcoming marijuana food truck, there are two women who want to help you do your own buzzed baking. Tracy Edwards and Megs DiDario of Jane and Mary Box will mail you everything you need to create a meal that will fill you up and chill you out.

Well, they’ll mail you everything but the most important ingredient. You’ll be on the hook for getting your own pot, or as they are quick to point out, “Whatever herb you choose.” They are trying to keep things on the up and up for all of the squares who don’t live in one of the 21 states with legal marijuana. It’s also very much against the law to send pot through the mail and they probably don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in an episode of Orange is the New Black. All things considered, they do give you an infusion kit and step-by-step instructions to make special oil or butter. Their “kit” may just be cheesecloth and a Mason jar, but precision pot cooking can be a tricky business and having someone who is not wearing a tie-dyed String Cheese Incident shirt or sporting white-guy dreadlocks explain it to you is actually quite helpful. Their recipes are also very easy to follow, like this one for carrot cake.

They offer a quarterly subscription service right now, which won’t be enough to let you gorge yourself on edibles every day. But if it takes off it could inspire a whole new generation of hash home cooks. Not to mention it will be a whole lot easier then stoners trying to order in.