Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This ‘Powerful’ Electric Scrubber—and It’s on Sale

Get one for just $65.

Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber

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Cooking can be a messy endeavor. With bubbling red sauces, whirling blenders, and sputtering oil, something is bound to spill on the floor or bubble over and onto the backsplash. And while vacuums are great for crumbs, you’ll need to bring in something a little extra when there’s a stain you just can’t remove from your tile or counter. 

Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this electric scrubber for cleaning up just about any mess, and the good news is, right now it’s on sale, too. 

Electric Spin Scrubber


To buy: Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber, $65 (originally $90) at

The Voweek electric spin scrubber is, in essence, an oversized electric toothbrush. It is designed to be ergonomic and to make chores like cleaning tile, washing your backsplash, or  scouring the sink, that are typically a nuisance, much more convenient. In addition to a hard flat brush for large surfaces, it comes with three different angled heads designed for cleaning grout off tiles, powering its way through corners, and tidying up hard to reach spaces. And, the arm is adjustable so you don’t have to get on your hands and knees, even if you’re reaching under the dinner table. 

It also has over 2,400 perfect ratings on Amazon, with shoppers praising its user-friendly design, how quickly it cleans, and its overall value. One reviewer writes that “I literally cleaned the grout in my kitchen in 10 minutes. I just put some Grout-Eeze down and used this scrubber. It made slight work of a normally tedious chore.”

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Another who regrets not buying one sooner adds, “We have a super dirty kitchen, the grout is very hard to clean, and the bathroom as well. I bought this scrubber, and it's very powerful. With different accessories, I can clean every comer without any problem. I am thinking of using it to clean my oven with a high temp steamer.” 

If you have tile in your kitchen, or are looking for a way to make cleaning chores much easier, nab this electric scrubber while it’s still 28% off at Amazon.

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