Vlasic Created a Scented Candle That Looks Like a Jar Full of Pickles

Apparently, producing a pickle jar candle isn’t easy.

Vlasic Pickle Candle by Candier

Candier by Ryan Porter

As a journalist, my job is to recognize trends, not judge them. Do I personally need candles that smell like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a dive bar or Swedish meatballs or soup or a burger, fries, and shake or cereal or stolen lemonade? No. (I actually don’t think I’ve ever lit a scented candle in my life.)

But clearly, people are interested in these amusingly scented candles. That explains why McDonald’s, Miller Lite, Ikea, Campbell's, Shake Shack, General Mills, and Chipotle have all gotten into the scented candle game. At a time when bizarre promotions seem to be the most effective promotions, the idea of turning your brand into a candle is — like a candle's flame — hot.

So who's next to add their unexpected scent to a candle? Well, November 14 is National Pickle Day, and apparently that was good enough reason for the 80-year-old pickle brand Vlasic to throw their hat in the ring.

Yes, Vlasic and the candle brand Candier have partnered on a 100-percent wax candle that looks like a real jar of Vlasic Original Dill Wholes and smells, well, like a real jar of Vlasic Original Dill Wholes. "It was a no-brainer for us," Brett Castle, Vlasic’s brand director, stated. "We are thrilled to have partnered with Candier by Ryan Porter to bring to life the first ever candle that looks and smells just like a jar of pickles."

Vlasic Pickle Candle by Candier

Candier by Ryan Porter

And how does one make a pickle-scented candle? It turns out, that's actually quite tricky. "We saw a huge opportunity to do something really fun and different with Vlasic," Krysten Kauder, founder of Candier, explained. "But doing that posed several big challenges. Everything had to be done by hand, including the placement of the pickles and pouring of the wax. Getting the pickles to look like they’re floating in clear liquid was also really tough. After lots of rounds of research and testing, our team nailed it."

The officially-named Vlasic Pickle Candle by Candier will be available starting on November 14 for $29 at shopryanporter.com while supplies last.

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