Finally, a Cocktail Shaker I Don't Have to Bang Around to Open—and It's Almost 50% Off

I wish I had gotten it at this price.

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Cocktail Shaker Set

Food & Wine / Pamela Jew

Making cocktails at home is one of my favorite things to do, and the most essential piece of equipment I can think of is a quality shaker. It took me a while to find one I actually liked though. Some I tried didn’t feel good in the hand, others were difficult to take apart after shaking, and I have this weird fear of Boston shakers despite using them for a few years. Even though it’s never happened, I still can’t get over the image of the two pieces coming apart while I’m shaking them, and the cocktail inside rushing out all over me like Gatorade all over a coach who just won the Super Bowl. 

Whether you share this fear or not (it could just be me, and I’m fine living with that), I finally found a cocktail shaker I can swear by, and right now it’s almost 50% off at Amazon.

Viski Gunmetal Heavyweight Cocktail Set, Stainless Steel Shaker with Strainer


To buy: $26 (originally $48) at

The first thing you’ll notice about this shaker from Viski is what I couldn’t help but notice myself — the design is splendid. It’s a three-piece cobbler shaker with built-in strainer, and comes in a beautiful deep gray the brand calls gunmetal. While it’s made from stainless steel like most shakers (better for conducting heat to melt ice), what I love is the brushed finish that hides my fingerprint smudges and makes it look good on my bar cart without much upkeep. 

Beyond looking great, this shaker also feels excellent in the hand. Unlike other cocktail shakers I’ve tried, Viski has added a little bit of weight to the base to make it feel more substantial. While you might think this would make it more exhausting to shake, it’s actually the opposite — the weight acts as a counterbalance, and I’ve found shaking cocktails now feels more like cradling a tiny baby than it does a vigorous act.

Beyond the weight, there’s also a little divot in the top of the lid, where you place your thumb. This is an excellent touch, as it makes it easy to grip, so even if I’m doing a dry shake for a whiskey sour, I don’t feel like the shaker will fly out of my hands and dent my wood floors. 

Last but not least, there’s one more feature that sets this shaker apart: It’s easy to open, even after shaking. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to bang a shaker around to get the two pieces apart from each other, and yet, despite forming a tight seal to ensure no dripping, this shaker is easy to pry apart and clean out after pouring a cocktail.

I didn’t think I’d find a great cocktail shaker, but I’m glad to say this one is it. I only wish I had grabbed one for the price it’s at on Amazon right now.  

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