Put a carbonated twist on the classic drink.

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The classic negroni is a refreshing aperitif made from equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Our Byrrhgroni is a carbonated twist that replaces the London Dry with Old Tom gin and the sweet vermouth with the richer but less sweet flavor profile of Punt e Mes. Our version also includes Byrrh, a red wine and quinine aperitif, which adds some bitter and floral notes. Hence the celebrity mashup naming stylings of the "Byrrhgroni"—a cocktail with a bitter, carbonated twist.

This drink can be prepared by combining all of the ingredients in a pint glass and stirring with ice until cold. But we prefer to add the effervescence of carbonation in our perfect version. And it's easy to do with a whipping siphon: Pour all of the ingredients except the lemon peel into the siphon. Add ice and charge the siphon with two CO2 cartridges: the first charge rids the siphon of air, and the second fully carbonates the cocktail. Swirl the chamber until the contents are super cold. Pour into a chilled glass and add a lemon twist to elevate the citrus notes.

Get the full recipe at Chefsteps.com