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By ChefSteps Team
Updated May 23, 2017

To make traditional macaron cookies, you combine equal parts ground-up almonds and powdered sugar to create the mixture known as tant pour tant. For a fun new riff on a confectionary classic—and a fun new cooking challenge for you—we swap in pistachios here instead. The recipe also deviates from our standard macaron method in the way we make the meringue. Here, we use the French technique in place of the Italian one. Whereas the Italians like to combine egg whites with cooked sugar to create a stable meringue, in France they just incorporate granulated sugar right into the egg whites. The result is a cookie that’s a little less chewy and a little more brittle. (There’s a Swiss meringue method too—it involves a double boiler, lax banking laws, and no small amount of yodeling.)

Truth be told, replacing almonds with pistachios makes for a more challenging process—especially when it comes to getting the moisture and the oven temperature just right. So employ some patience and consider doing a few test runs if you’re planning to serve these to guests. Once you’ve mastered them and stuffed them with our addictive Pistachio Butter, however, you’ll find yourself making them again and again—whenever you need a sweet little nutty treat that’s bound to impress.

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