Never wait in line for a bagel again.

These bagels are ridiculously tasty—their chewy texture, soft, springy interiors, and malty-yeasty flavor are all irresistible. But even more irresistible? The way you'll patiently, lovingly bring the yeast to life with flour and warm water. The way you'll put away your phone and everything else you're doing to mold them into little bagel-babies with your own two hands. The way your entire house will smell of freshly baked bread. And, of course, the way your family will gaze adoringly in your direction when you pull these out of the oven on Sunday morning.

The key, as with most worthwhile baking projects, is that the process is just as pleasing as the product. Patience and perseverance pay off. You'll notice several periods of work and rest in this recipe; these encourage the full, complex flavors that only time and fermenting yeast can provide. But, mercifully, this is also a front-loaded recipe, with all the heavy lifting happening on day one, allowing you to wake up at a civilized hour and still have plenty of time to complete the finishing touches—the boiling and the baking—in time for breakfast.

The end result is just what you imagine: a kitchen filled with the incredible aroma of homemade bread and that deep satisfaction you get only from making something this impressive from scratch. Oh, and a ridiculously delicious breakfast. And a house full of adoring fans. And fresh bagels for days. The point is: it's time to make bagels at home. We're telling you, it's worth it.

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