At ChefSteps, we nerd out a lot. Our staff features all kinds of nerds—tech nerds, math nerds, word nerds, and yes, food nerds. So many food nerds! And we’ve got our fair share of Game of Thrones nerds too. Now, we’re not all claiming Mallory Rubin–level knowledge. (Psst: If you know Mallory Rubin by name, you might be a Game of Thrones nerd too). But hey, we know a thing or two. We know, for instance, that the season finale will be an epic occasion—an epic occasion that deserves an even more epic feast. And so here is the formula for said feast. The centerpiece dish: a whole suckling pig. We cook that fellow sous vide for five hours to ensure perfectly tender meat and give us time to make a bunch of sides—or catch up on all those After the Thrones episodes. When Khal Pigo is all cooked, we transfer him to a spit and finish him in front of a blazing-hot fire to get the skin all crisp and browned. Our side dishes possess similar medieval flair: think beets seasoned with galangal and grains of paradise, a hearty bread made of rye berries, and whole squabs crisped to perfection. While this feast is decidedly over the top, it’s remarkably straightforward to pull off. Each dish was conceived with expedience in mind, so you can make a bunch of things at once but never worry that you’ll wind up in the weeds executing some fussy technique. You’ve got a television show to watch, after all. And it may well be the best television show ever. Want the recipes? Head to ChefSteps!   The GOT-obsessed food nerds at ChefSteps demonstrate how to cook an epic feast for Sunday's finale.

Food & Wine
June 24, 2016

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