This sleek butcher shop-meets grocery store-meets farm-focused restaurant and bar opened in 2015, helmed by chef Eric Montagne. Local beef comes in as a whole cow, pork as the entire pig, broken down by the butcher whose station overlooks a neatly packed, gourmet grocery adjacent to the dining room. Herbs, greens and garlic are plucked from the backyard garden, visible through the massive greenhouse-style windows in what’s probably the sunniest kitchen in town. “We’re actually designed to run out of things,” Montagne says. If they do, then diners end up sharing dishes or moving onto the next seasonal item on the list. The menu plays off classic Southern techniques—from hot fried chicken to hoe cakes—and parlay them into modern iterations that don’t skimp on comfort. “There’s a moral compass behind this place,” says Montagne. “We’re not trying to reinvent anything, but work with farmers and artisans who have been doing this for hundreds of years.”

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