Potato Rösti with Pastrami

This crispy potato rosti is topped with pastrami and creme fraiche in this comforting winter dish.

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There's nothing I love better than a pan fried mashed potato. And no one makes a better version than my friend Daniel who's a chef at 11 Massive Park. This is his recipe and I adore it. [MUSIC] I start by shredding my potatoes. I'm using a spiralizer here. Because you get these long beautiful strands. So all my potatoes are gonna go into a colander and I'm gonna bring them to the sink and rinse them to get some of that extra starch out of them. I'm just gonna pat them dry a little bit so that their not soaking wet. [MUSIC] Let them sit in the colander For a little while to let that water be extracted. It takes some time so you can go do something else for a few minutes. You're going to just spread them out on a kitchen towel and pat them dry. You don't need to squeeze them or torture them too much, just be light and gentle with then. [MUSIC] All right. This is where things get kinda fun. I'm gonna let this teaspoon of oil get super hot, and when it just starts to smoke, I'm gonna wipe it out. This is seasoning my pan, allowing it to make sure that it won't stick later on when you put the potatoes in for the rosti. I'm gonna let this warm at medium heat and when it just starts to shimmer, I'll take it off the heat and add the potatoes. Now wanna spread out these potatoes in an even single layer. Taking up the entire pan. See it already starting to brown and at this point I'm gonna add that last quarter cup of oil. Now, I'm gonna let this cook out for a few minutes to get it crispy and brown on that under side. Taking care to sort of move the skillet every few minutes to make sure that it's even in case there are any hot spots on the stove. This is the fun part, the flip, but I'm going to do a really simple version. I'm just going to slide it onto a plate. I'm then going to take another identical plate, put it on top, flip it over. Woo! [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Then I'm gonna slide the bacon sheet into a 400 degree oven for eight to 10 minutes just till it's crispy and golden. This russet potato is so beautiful and I'm really excited to eat it. I'm gonna top it with all the things. So I have some CREME FRAICHE. Now I have some PASTRAMI here. You don't wanna sweet or bread and butter pickle here. If you know what's good for you. A little bit of WHOLE-GRAIN MUSTARD. Finally some fresh herbs. I have CHIVES. Off course, chives and potatoes and dill and potatoes have a great combination. I think that looks pretty all nice but do you say so myself.? So many delicious layers here the crispy potatoes, the mustard, Pastrami, the fresh herbs. It just all goes so well together. [MUSIC]
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Potato Rösti with Pastrami