The tofu-based condiment is perfect for vegan sandwiches.


Before educating yourself with the latest Mad Genius Tip, make sure to you make some time to check out this week's premiere of Mad Genius Tips Live. But don't worry & Wine culinary director still had time for a quick tip this week as well, which should especially appeal to the vegans out there. "In my opinion, begins Chapple, "every sandwich needs some sort of creamy element to bring it all together—even a vegan one." Fortunate, then, that it turns out vegan mayonnaise is easy to make with just a food processor and a few basic ingredients.

"There's no secret that tofu is vegan," Chapple says, "but tofu is the secret to vegan mayonnaise." So take a container of silken tofu of between 14 oz and 1 lb, and add it to the bowl of your food processor. First, throw in a generous pinch of salt for seasoning, as well as a teaspoon of white vinegar, then put the top and, and process away.

With the machine still on, Chapple says, gradually add a cup of blended olive oil (consisting of olive oil and either canola oil or vegetable oil). You'll know it's ready when the oil is fully incorporated and the mixture is thick and smooth.

Next, transfer it all to a jar, close it, and pop the almost-mayo in the fridge for about an hour, until its fully chilled and thickened. Once its ready, Chapple breaks out the DIY Vegenaise, and begins to build "the ultimate veggie sandwich." You can see how its as creamy as your standard mayo as Chapple spreads it on the bottom layer of bread, then adds lettuce, a few cucumbers, sweet peppers, some radish, and sprouts. Just make sure to fully apply your vegan mayo to the top slice before adding it to the sandwich, which will be the first of many elevated by the contest of your jar.