This DIY bag sealing technique gives you store quality gift bags in seconds.

You don't need industrial equipment to serve make professional quality packaging for your homemade treats, as Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple demonstrates in the latest Mad Genius Tips. In fact, you can give your edible gifts the same glorious feeling of unsealing a fresh bag that you get from store-bought delights, using just a few things you most likely already have lying around the home.

The secret, Chapple says, is an everyday iron—the same kind you'd use for clothes. Along with that, you'll need a cellophane bag, and aluminum foil, scissors, and… that's all! To start, take your treats (Chapple uses cookies), and fill the cellophane bag, making sure to leave a few inches of empty bag at the top. Then take the filled bag and lay it on a piece of aluminum foil, and fold the foil over the open end of the bag to protect it.

Now, just get your hot iron, iron the foil, and, viola! Chapple explains the reaction: the heat from the iron is absorbed into the foil, which causes the cellophane to seal itself shut. Once you peel the foil off, you'll see that each side of the bag has joined together in a thicker, flat piece with no opening. Which, admittedly, doesn't look like much at first.

But once you snip off the excess cellophane with scissors, you have a perfectly sealed bag that looks like it came right out of your favorite boutique candy shop or bakery. As Chapple suggests, you can take it further by adding a personalized label, as he does ("from: him; to: you"). Taking just a few seconds, the DIY Bag Sealer is the perfect way to put together a great gift bag of mixed nuts, chocolates, candies, or whatever else you plan on cooking up for the gift-receivers in your life.