Make your cake last longer with this 'Mad Genius Tip.'

If you love cake like Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple does, you don't want any of it going to waste. So whether you have a few slices left over from that Super Bowl party, or are planning a Valentine's Day dessert to remember, the latest Mad Genius Tip is for you. Say goodbye to those triangles! You're about to learn a whole new way to cut and store cake.

The idea here is that cutting a cake in wedges leaves the remaining cake exposed to the fridge air, which can cause the cake to dry out. Instead, Chapple says, you should cut the cake into bars, from the center out. Sound strange? Once you see the results, you'll be shocked that this particular method of cake-cutting and storing hasn't been the standard this whole time.

That's not all. The best way to cut said bars isn't with a knife, but with dental floss. Just make sure it's unscented. Take a nice, large piece, start just off center, and pull the floss through for a nice, clean cut. Then do another, similar cut about an inch or inch and a half down from the first one. Before pulling the slices out, make one large horizontal slice all the way across the cake. Now just take an offset spatula, and pull out the slices.

Chapple makes a particularly big slice, but cut whatever size you're up for. You will be left with two half circles of cake. Now you can push them together with a knife and spatula (or whatever similar tools you have handy), and effectively seal off the inside of the cake from getting dried out.

Finally, you can have your cake, and save it for later, too. And if you're looking for new gear to make your cake with: get the full Food & Wine culinary experience with HSN's exclusive cookware line here.