The Lefebvre family favorite is easy to make at home.


On this weeks episode of Ludo à la Maison, chef Ludo Lefebvre is once again joined by his sous chef and son, Luca Lefebvre—this time, to bake that French family favorite, orange madeleines. Not a cookie, but, according to the older Lefebvre, "a French legacy," madeleines are simple to make at home, wherever you are.

The chefs begin by melting butter and honey in a saucepan, caramelizing them together. In the meantime, Luca zests five oranges and one lemon, because, the Lefebvres say, Mrs. Lefebvre is a fan of orange. Ludo mixes eggs, brown sugar, and regular white sugar in a stand mixer until it becomes "very creamy," while the brown butter's caramel becomes easier to smell. Once the mixture doubles in volume, Ludo asks the still-zesting Luca to get him a bowl of ice, then tells the camera that he'll finish off the zest himself to save time.

Lefebvre explains that Luca frequently has madeleines for breakfast from, he brings himself to admit, Costco (though according to him, they're actually pretty good). They then add flour to the egg mixture, and up the speed a bit so that no lumps of flour will remain. When they add butter to thicken it up, Luca reminds his dad that as per his own advice, he has to taste as he's going, which makes the elder Lefebvre proud.

Lefebvre fills a pastry bag with the mix, then leaves it in the fridge for an hour. Once it's ready, he shows Luca how to pipe the dough into a non-stick madeleine mold, which they've sprinkled with flour and covered in a good amount of butter. He says to bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes, but it ends up taking them a bit longer. Ludo sees that there was a little too much butter in the mold, which Luca had somehow already known, and it leads to slightly uneven results between madeleines. Still, Luca and his sister, who shows up to try it, both like the finished product, and Ludo is glad to be able to beat out out Costco.