Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Steak Frites

If you love someone, cook them steak au poivre. In this video, Ludo gives tips to perfect steak and french fries. Get the full recipe here.

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Bon! I'm going to show you to do one of my favorite dish, steak frites, with black pepper sauce. Who don't like steak frites? Who? May a vegetarian? First, our fries. We are going to peel them like this. So a good French fried. Normally take three days to do. Three days guys. Okay? But just do that in one day. It's fine, it's okay. It's so quick to do guys, it's so quick. Seriously, it's gonna take you I don't exaggerate 20 minutes. That's it. So, I'm gonna cut my potato. Cut like this. My mama was always doing french fries for me on Saturday. She was cutting the potato with a knife. The potato was never really the same size and I like it. French fries is not very french. It's made in Belgium. My grandma was from belgium. And I was watching my grandma how to do french fries. I guess I lean with the best. So when we do friend potato. You can put leave them in the water overnight.. Then you drain them no excess of water At the restaurant, I fry them, guys, in clarified butter. Trust me, it's good. It costs a lot of money to fill the fryer with clarified butter, but it's just so good. Sometimes I don't care about the price. It's about quality. The oil now is at 250 Farenheit. Today, I'm using grapeseed oil because grapeseed oil really never burn. So we're going to blanch them first until they're very soft. [MUSIC] So steak frites, in France, most of the time, we use a coulotte. Today, it's a good piece of filet mignon, beef tenderloin. I'm going to season my meat with Kosher salt. Make sure your hand is traveling when seasoning the meat, okay, guys? A good steak, for me, it's really about the The crust. And I make sure to put black pepper everywhere. I don't go just like this, boom, no. Everywhere, it is all about seasoning. See the fries now guys? Blanching, you don't want any coloration. Its very important that you keep your potato white. Voila, fries are ready now I'm going to sear my steak now. [MUSIC] Hold on guys. Hold on guys. ****, I get the [INAUDIBLE]. I'm a [INAUDIBLE] Jedi. I'm not the Jedi yet. I'm going to become a Jedi soon. Cuz two weeks ago I meet a Jedi. He teach me a lot about the brain. How to manipulate your brain. How to manipulate your brain. I love it. Manipulate the fly and I get her. [SOUND] Yeah, here we go guys, [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] My temperature is very, very high. To give a good crust, I would say it could be at least [UNKNOWN] 4 minutes at each side. See that crust? Really, really work on that crust. I know, sorry guys. [UNKNOWN] fire for sure. So [UNKNOWN] the crust is really beautiful. Look at it. Look at it. Crispy, it's beautiful and voila. [MUSIC] That's what I call like beautiful steak. When you cook a steak you make sure you let the rest your meat because when you seal the meat you have all the blood going in the center. After the meat gets so tight When you stop cooking the meat, all the blood after is going to realise and make the meat very tender. Now, a little bit of butter. I'm going to melt the butter like this. Rosemary, inside my butter here. Crushed garlic and that's here. And be very gentle when to melt that. And now we're going to put back our meat here. So we work now on that crust, I make my crust a little bit less dry. I want my crust to really soak the butter. When I meet my wife 16 years ag, I decided to cook for her in my house. The first dish I did for her, it was a steak freezer free But the day when I decide to cook for her. I realize I have nothing in my kitchen. Not a saute pan. Not a pot. Not a fridge. When Crissy meet in my house. I just have my coffee pot, that's it. I love my wife. She was great and was best girl I date. So I decided I was going to cook for her No, I'm married. Now we're going to flambe. We need some cognac [UNKNOWN]. [SOUND] So we flambe our steak now. Put it over there and now I'm going to deglaze with a little bit of beef stock. Add a little creme fraiche Okay. So in the meantime now, I'm gonna take my fries and put them in the fryer now at 375. Yeah, you can see that cook very well. Look at this. [SOUND] They're perfect. And we go, 375, let's go. Boom. And I'm going to strain the sauce. Hey gentlemen, you have a date? You want to cook at home, do a steak au poivre. So the spiciness of the sauce, the cognac, make something happen to the girl and the boy, too. I'm not going to draw something to you. Okay, you understand what I mean. It was just full of the rhythm [UNKNOWN]. It was good. Add the fleur de sel, so a lot of black pepper, guys, okay? The secret ingredients is a brined green peppercorn. I love a green peppercorn because I grew up with that. [UNKNOWN] The fries are beautiful, look at, beautiful, love it. Put some kosher salt on my fries, I've got a lot of salt. I don't like when I go to the restaurant, I have some Sprite and no salt, that's the worst. Shake it! I'll put my stake here. I will decorate my steak like this. Yes, Steak Frites. Man. Hows the steak? Leave me alone. I'm eating. I don't want to talk about that, guys. Because it's a cut now. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Steak Frites