Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Seared Salmon with Citrus Sauce

In his new cooking series, shared exclusively with Food & Wine, French chef and L.A. restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre demos one of his favorite easy recipes. Here, Ludo cleans a salmon filet and gives a classic cream sauce a playful twist with curry. Get the full recipe here.

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[MUSIC] We're gonna do seared salmon with citrus sauce. Salmon's a very, very classic fish we use in French cooking. In this country we get some beautiful, beautiful salmon. The salmon we get in Alaska, they are amazing. We're gonna do a classic French sauce, and then we're gonna take this sauce and twist it a little bit with citrus, and a little bit of curry. Why citrus? Because I live in California and I love citrus. Citrus is one of my favorite fruits So now I put my shallots in my pan here. Touch of dry vermouth. So also in my sauce I'm going to put a little bit of muscadet, okay? Muscadet is a dry wine from Loire Valley, okay? I'm going to reduce this liquid now to dry. Have my fillet of fresh salmon. I am going to take out the bone first. Okay. So, take my little tweezer. [MUSIC] See,make sure to pull up in the direction of the bone. Okay. So, I am going to take off this part here. You should have follow the shape of the fish. And then, go here. Just go slowly like this. And it's just, very easy. Pull the skin. And com. [MUSIC] So I'm going to take off all the blood line here. It's not like it's bad blood, it just don't look that good on the plate. We're going to do some beautiful slice of salmon like this square. I take my hand like this up. See my finger from finger. So all my fish has the same Size now. So, salmon can be thick. So, what I do sometime, I slide the fish like this. This really do the perfect square. So, just make sure is I'm gonna pound a little bit the fish. Just to give it's perfect shape. Gentle. Of course don't go like bang Oro Blanco Grapefruit. I just go all around with my knife between the skin and the fruit. [SOUND] Pink grapefruit. Same way. [UNKNOWN] On top with the orange. [SOUND] Look at this beautiful lemon. And now I'm going to cut the segment. It's very simple. You go between the two white line [SOUND] [FOREIGN] Okay, so it was a joke. [LAUGH] It will be good on TV, yeah? Take your time I'll be careful guys. Especially when you have sharp blades, be careful, okay? Voila. Take that and you just press it you get all the juice. the juice. I love to take a very, very classic French recipe like this. And after just to play with that and add more flavor. When you really master the classic. Master how to do the sauce, how to cook the fish, and any classic. Then after I can be a little bit creative and a little bit playful with the classic. And put a little bit here. There, I'm going to reduce it again. Do you see all the reduction? Almost no juice. Hey guys, now we put the creme, cold/d cup of creme. See that, guys over there, be generous. [MUSIC] Perfect, so now I'm going to strain out my sauce. So, now we know it doesn't very basic cream sauce just to make a little bit more fancy with the citrus. I'm going to put a little bit of a curry. So, add a little pinch of Fleur de sel. Okay, our sauce is good. So, when you're seasoning the salt, don't go to close like this. It's so difficult Okay. Your hand is traveling on the top of the salmon like this and you just let rain white pepper. I always use white pepper, it is good for fish. We will cook the salmon very slowly. Okay. So I am going to take my salmon, then we go gentle, gentle like this. So we are cooking slowly the salmon. We are giving like three minutes each side. No coloration. Very gentle. See? My salmon have no coloration. I'm going to do now, I'm going to put some few segments here to make the sauce a little bit citrusy. Look at this color. Beautiful. Salmon is good. I'm taking the salmon now. Gentle. Salmon here on paper towel. Okay, So now I'm going to buzz the sauce, just to mix my citrus segment in my sauce like this. Just for decoration and flavor, a little bit of segment, everywhere like this. This dish is also all about a lot of sauce. So be generous, some few Amaranth leaves. Saute them a little bit like this just beautiful color. Add some acidity to your plate which is beautiful [INAUDIBLE]. You should serve a beautiful Muscadet from Loire Valley. You use this wine to do the sauce so it makes sense to really pair your salmon. [INAUDIBLE] Then to test So I look at it, the salmon is like butter. [MUSIC] That's good guys. [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Seared Salmon with Citrus Sauce