Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Floating Islands

Ludo remembers a dessert he grew up with and shows us the steps to make Île Flottante. Get the full recipe here.

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[MUSIC] Ile Flottante, love Ile Flottante. I grew up with this a lot, with floating island. It's a very classic French dessert. When you look at the dish it's like a big island, the egg white, and around that is the vanilla custard. So, it looks like the sea, like water. So, that's how you call it Floating island. So I'm gonna take some fresh eggs. So make sure when you separate the egg white, you have no egg yolk. [MUSIC] Accident, whew, I get it. I go fishing for the egg yolk. So how you see the egg white, if the eggs are very, very fresh The texture like Ghostbusters. You see the movie Ghostbusters? The ghost is very like, how do you say, like? Slimy? Slimy, yeah. The egg white should be slimy, like Ghostbusters. I'll put in my mixer here. I'm going to whip the egg white. [BLANK_AUDIO] So I'm going to put it on speed five now. I'm going to add slowly the sugar. [BLANK_AUDIO] Slowly the egg whites are going to be more fluffy, like a meringue. They're whipping now very well. We'll go a little more faster now. Try and put the last drop of sugar now. Voila, see the egg whites now have become more likely more creamier texture. The egg whites like triple the volume [MUSIC] How do you know the eggs are ready? We make a joke in the kitchen like we take them like this and they're not falling down, so it means okay. [BLEEP]. So it's not ready? That's ready but there's a little sabotage. It was my fault Break the meringue. All right, now we're going to put our egg white in this bowl. That's what we're going to bake, okay? [MUSIC] Going to put like this in the bain-marie here. [MUSIC] We're going to bake the egg white At 350 Fahrenheit. [BLANK_AUDIO] So now we're gonna do a little bit of nougatine for the [UNKNOWN], something caramel with nuts. So now we're going to melt slowly our sugar. And when we get to beautiful caramel We're going to add here our hazelnut and almond. Before, I toast them a little bit, wait for the coloration. When the caramel start to be a brown color, it just go so fast. Into the caramel now. [BLANK_AUDIO] Voila. You have a beautiful color. We're going to wait for the nougatine now to be cold. And then after, we're going to chop the nougatine. [BLEEP] it's hot! [MUSIC] Don't play with the nougatine when it's hot! I can't help to play with my nuts, that's for sure, that's for sure. We're gonna do now vanilla custard. Vanilla beans, which one vanilla bean, this angle. [MUSIC] I'm gonna heat slowly the milk and the cream together, okay. I'm going to add some sugar here to my bowl, egg yolk, and now I'm just going to mix the sugar and the yolk until I get it very, very creamy. Like a ribbon. Like a ribbon. See? I'm going to pour my hot milk on my egg yolk. [BLANK_AUDIO] And we're go here. The milk now is going to cook with the egg yolk. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm going to a little trick, how to see when the custard is cooked. Little thing I learned from Mr. Saulnier. Just check like this. You have a straight line like this, that's cooked. [MUSIC] Put my creme anglaise on ice. So as you guys see, I'm chopping the nougatine. [MUSIC] God, you feel like you're in the pastry store. So! the souffle [BLANK_AUDIO] It's good. When you unmold that you want the egg white to be cold. Cold water here in the pot. It's so you don't cook the egg white, okay guys? So we're going to unmold our egg white So it don't stick too much in the bottom. Now what we do is, [BLANK_AUDIO] Always do a prayer. It's not like I'm nervous but you just never know. Mistakes happen sometimes. You don't whip your eggs white enough, guess what? Bad news, you need to start again. Now it is [MUSIC] Perfect, that's exactly what I want. So now the vanilla custard is very cold, I'm gonna put like this. [MUSIC] I'm going to put our nougatine on top. Okay? [MUSIC] So, this is my favorite part. [FOREIGN]. [MUSIC] The egg whites are so light. In your mouth is like you're breaking a pillow. For me, that's one of the perfect dessert. Sometime when you have a meal, you never really have space for dessert. Always have a space in your stomach for Ile Flottante. Good, got it. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Floating Islands