Ludo Lefebvre’s Chocolate Cake Goes Great With His Espresso Martini

A bain-marie is the key to a deliciously light chocolate cake.

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[FOREIGN] We get to make your chocolate cake. I love chocolate cake. Who don't like chocolate cake? Who is it? Tell me. [MUSIC] For the chocolate cake we need chocolate 70%, unsalted butter, bowl. Chocolate here, in the bain. What is a bain-marie? The bain-marie is like a steamer. And just on top of the water. [MUSIC] The [UNKNOWN] is good to melt slowly. [MUSIC] Now in the mean time, put our whole eggs here. [MUSIC] And I'm going to add the sugar. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] And we're just going to [MUSIC] Whip. Whip. Until it becomes like very smooth, very creamy. [MUSIC] So like I said we're going to wait until the egg and the sugar to be mixed very well and the volume needs to double, okay? It needs to become like creamy. I remember when I was a kid My mom was eating chocolate cake, and I remember, I loved that cake, loved that cake. Middle of the night, I would go in the fridge for some chocolate cake. Now you can see the chocolate start to melt slowly with the butter. So [UNKNOWN] the butter dissolve very well with the chocolate. [MUSIC] [SOUND] The icing, see the texture? Okay. See, it's very thick now. Here's the flour, here. [SOUND] Mix very well with the flour. And our baking powder. [SOUND] Voila! Now we can check the chocolate and the butter. Make sure the butter melts very well in the chocolate. I'm going to add my chocolate to my mix. Okay? [MUSIC] Mix that okay guys? [INAUDIBLE] slowly. [FOREIGN] That's what I like this transparent bowl like this, we see everything. Like when it goes to beaches over France you have a white underwear. And if it goes in water you see through everything. [BLANK_AUDIO] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] We're going to bake the cake at 400 farenheit. We are going to go classic bake pastry, here ok? And 400, perfect. But in the mean time, when the cake is cooking I'm going to show you how to do a Grey Goose Espresso Martini. I went in France, Weston Key, and I went to a See how the make the Gray Goose. Over there they made me a Gray Goose espresso martini and it was just amazing. I fell in love. Sometimes you have a little chocolate cake, you want to have a little wine or a little port. But I love espresso and chocolate together. Grey Goose Vodka. So we're gonna put 1.5 ounce of vodka, .75 coffee liqueur. You know, now I really, really enjoy doing cocktail, I don't know why. Before I was not a cocktail guy, I love to do it. Now we 're going to add some single origin espresso. Make sure you have good quality [MUSIC] 1 ounce. A pinch of fleur de del. [MUSIC] Pop, lock, shake it. [MUSIC] Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it. [SOUND] Boom. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] [SOUND] [MUSIC] It's hard to be a bartender. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Look at this. Wow beautiful. Very foamy yeah, its nice. Then we put 3 coffee beans, un, deux, trois. If I say to a girl can I make you an espresso martini 169 calories she's going to love it trust me. I don't know because it's 169 calories or 69 I don't know Let's go, guys. Beautiful! Crackling is perfect! But you know how you see if it's cooked. You go inside like this, and you come back. So it's dry, it's cooked. I want it a little bit wet in the middle. So see, I go here. A little bit wet, that's exactly what we want. Voila! [NOISE] You unmold the cake. [MUSIC] Ba-bah! It's so light a cake. Beautiful. Wow. Put a little bit of olive oil. [MUSIC] A little bit fleur de sel. [FOREIGN] [SOUND] Pretty light, it's like a, almost like a type of mousse souffle. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hm. [FOREIGN] And with a Grey Goose espresso martini. [MUSIC] It's a great pairing seriously, it's everything you want for finished [UNKNOWN]. Like with a happy ending. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Chocolate Cake Goes Great With His Espresso Martini