When he was just 25 years old, mixologist Danny Shapiro stumbled onto an opportunity to buy a tumble-down bar on the corner of Kedzie and Armitage. When he and his partners reopened the space as Scofflaw five years ago this March, they had exactly three customers. “At the time, the neighborhood was sketchy,” Shapiro says. “There was nothing going on.” Now Scofflaw is part of a mini-empire jokingly referred to as Scofftown, and includes the casual seafood restaurant Sink/Swim next door (order a cocktail in a fishbowl), the wild-dance bar Slippery Slope, and its upstairs counterpart, Heavy Feather—a 1970s-inspired bar. To get a sense of what the Scofflaw team has done for Logan Square, sidle up to the original outpost and order anything made with gin. And please, talk to the person in the stool beside you. “Logan Square is a diverse and progressive neighborhood with a distinct personality,” says Shapiro. If it were a celebrity, he adds, “it would be the singer, Grimes.” scofflawchicago.com

By Food & Wine

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