José Andrés: Ingenious Oysters

José Andrés leans on a modern ingredient to make oysters on the half shell with raspberry vinegar air.

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[MUSIC] Hey, [INAUDIBLE]. Who likes raspberries? Who likes vinegar? Raspberry vinegar. [APPLAUSE] So this is an amazing vinegar of raspberries, a fruit vinegar. Can you believe it? And then you go and you put a little bit of water And then you go and you put soy lecithin. Soy lecithin comes from soy and it's a natural emulsifier. [BLANK_AUDIO] An emulsifier what it means? It means that you can get the blender I've begun blending, and then all the air that is coming into the vinegar because the solidity is going to stay inside, because the water and the vinegar is not going to let the air escape. We got the oysters. We get the raspberry air. And we put the raspberry air on top, go, put it, quick. We have the water, only the bubbles. Yes, quicker. [LAUGHTER] Quicker, you go five minutes to your room. Quicker Another spoon, another spoon! Quicker! Okay, how is my English today? Good. [LAUGH] People of America, oysters with raspberry air. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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José Andrés: Ingenious Oysters