José Andrés: How to Open an Oyster

José Andrés demonstrates how to open an oyster—including a surprising shortcut—at the 2013 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Dana Cowin, the Editor in Chief of Food and Wine Magazine and I'm static to be here with Jose Andres, who is going to teach me how to open oysters. Jose you found eleven things to do with oysters and they all start in opening darn things so What do you think? Show me. I have here Rappahannock oysters from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Okay. So, I learn from the best. Yeah. My buddies in Rappahannock are awesome. You're going to go right at the hinge, right where the two shells meet. Yes. And you're going to go nicely. With the knife in. Yes. Why are you moving away from me? I'm a little scared. And you're gonna go in, and then you're gonna do like a right move with your wrist, like if you were playing golf. Yeah. You use your wrist, and then the shell separates, and then you're gonna go with a knife on top. Separate the oyster from the upper shell. And here you have a simple, humble, beautiful open oyster. That was beautiful. Yeah, first time in my life. Okay, I'm gonna try. I'm left handed, which is gonna make it harder. Remember, you have to put all the power of your body over the knife. Concentrate your power. Into the hinge. Get your arm into it. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, so this is gonna happen. You don't have somebody who knows how to open oysters, it's not easy. I am very intimidated by oysters. Believe me. That's nice of you. So, you have a microwave at home? I have a microwave. Take a look at this. That was hard? Yeah. We go here, we put it 20 seconds, the heat is going inside the oyster. The oyster is like, what's happening. Pow. At this moment, you put it here and take a look. What was very difficult, all of a sudden [BLANK_AUDIO] The oyster is open. The oyster is halved. Sometimes you will only need five seconds. Sometimes you will need ten. Every oyster is different. Touch. It still is warm but soft like a rock oyster. Now you can do with these oysters anything you want. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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José Andrés: How to Open an Oyster