Jacques & Claudine Pépin: Techniques to Create a Great Meal

Here, Jacques Pépin and his daughter Claudine share some of their extensive knowledge, including essential knife techniques.

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[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Good morning everybody. So, now what I wanna do. We are going to do a whole class on technique. The technique we wanted to start showing you [UNKNOWN] and certainly, the position of the knife is very important. And the knife always goes down and forward. You always have to have that motion. You put your finger this way and you glue your knife to it and you cut, you have to look at it, if that hand Push the knife, it goes with that hand release. You know I can go anywhere, I don't have to look at it as long as I'm glued to that knife. We do a cucumber, try to do that cucumber a long one like that, because you cut it in half. And it doesn't slide on you. So again, the motion, you put your finger, and you go down and forward, down and forward. Point is that the process of cutting is always this way, not really crushing it down. And here for example, if that hand here doesn't move, nothing is happening. If that hand stop moving very, very slowly and that very, very thin slice, then move a little faster regardless of our, I think, you know I'm going to have course that on slice. This way, to this way, to this way, to that and [UNKNOWN] the whole thing. [APPLAUSE] On behalf of my father and I, happy cooking. Happy cooking. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Jacques & Claudine Pépin: Techniques to Create a Great Meal