Jacques & Claudine Pépin: KitchenAid Auction

KitchenAid Auction

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Good morning. I'm Brian Maynard. I'm from KitchenAid. We started a program several years ago called Cook for the Cure, and through the generosity of people like Jacque and Claudine, people who have attended this event, done all kinds of things, we've raised over $8 million to fight breast cancer. [APPLAUSE] So, normally what we do is we auction off a mixer that Jac and Claudine will sign for you. And we'll do that today. But we're also going to auction off the plate. We started a program to get people to cook and to support the cause of fighting breast cancer called Pass the Plate. You can find more information about it at cookforthecure.com but the idea is Each of those plate has a unique serial number on the back. You cook something, you present it to your friend, you register the plate at cookforthecure.com, you take a picture, you talk about why you did it, and a contribution gets made and then you ask them to pass it on and on and on. So it get's people to cook, so what you're going to buy is the plate that is going to be passed to you by Jacques. And an autographed mixer. Could I get an opening bid of $1,000? Come on, it's breast cancer, it's a tax write off, come on, $1,000, thank you. I have $1,000, could I get $2,000? I have $1,000 at the front of the room. I have $2,000 in the back, could I get $3,000? I have 2,000 in the back, could I have $3,000 back here? I'll give you my apron. [UNKNOWN] I will. How much? I have $2,500. Could I get, excuse me, $3,000? So I have 3,000? Could I get 35? No? $3,000. Anybody else? 3,000 once. 3500. $3500 Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] Can I get 4000? Yeah you get but you get both aprons we'll just [CROSSTALK] 3500 once [APPLAUSE] We'll sign it. $4000. Can I get 4500? I have 4500. Can I get 5000? It's a tax deduction. You need it right now [LAUGH] 4500. Can I get 5 5500 can I get six? She's done. 5500 once, twice, sold. [APPLAUSE] Thank you Come on up. Come on up.
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Jacques & Claudine Pépin: KitchenAid Auction