This awesome onion purée can take the place of cream in any number of savory dishes.

By ChefSteps Team
Updated May 23, 2017

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Maybe you come seeking dairy-free recipes, or want to make vegan risotto. Maybe you live a crazy-healthy lifestyle, or just go crazy for onions. Or maybe, just maybe, you simply love the idea of serving soups, pastas, and sauces that taste fresher and brighter than tradition dictates. Enter this remarkable—and remarkably easy—technique, ideal for people with lactose intolerance but everyone else, too. Just roast some onions, remove the skins, blend the gooey insides with a little lemon, salt, and olive oil, and there you have it: an awesome onion purée that you can swap for cream in any number of savory dishes. Try it tonight for a dish with lush, tongue-coating texture and richness, along with a novel, light-and-lovely quality to punch up your go-to meals. The fact that those meals are now way better for you? Well that just sweetens the deal.

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