Elm Coffee Roasters

Seattle needs another coffee shop like a fish needs a bicycle, and yet…the minimalist Elm truly brought something new to the neighborhood when it opened in 2015. The place draws a midday crowd of designers and other creatives who work nearby—not only for the small-batch, single-origin coffee, which owner Brendan Mullally lightly roasts on-site, but for the stylish blond wood-and-concrete interior, which appears flooded with light on even the grayest days. If you like what you taste you can sign up for Elm’s weekly or bi-monthly coffee subscription, which ships out a new varietal in a 12-ounce paper bag right to your door. 240 2nd Ave S #103; elmcoffeeroasters.com

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[MUSIC] My name is Brendan Mullally. I'm the owner-operator of Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square, Seattle. [MUSIC] Elm Coffee is a coffee roaster and retailer in Seattle, Washington. We focus primarily on seasonally purchased green coffee, roasted lightly served in a warm atmosphere with great hospitality, great service. When I said I wanted to open coffee cafe in Seattle. I knew I had to be different to survive. [LAUGH] So we do things a little bit differently, but people have responded very well. We take drinks to people's tables. We have a little bit more of a fine dining, hospitality theme going on. Quality control is paramount with us. We're kind of obsessive about it. We could buy larger amounts for cheaper but we buy smaller amounts for more. We roast in small batches and When you roast coffee light like us, any sort of defect in the coffee will be extremely apparent. So, it's more difficult but it's more rewarding because I think it tastes better. Pioneer Square is a developing neighborhood. As soon as I got down here I knew this is was the neighborhood right away. The vibe is great down here. It's old Seattle. A lot of Seattle has been torn down. Since it started being developed, Empire Square has kept its character. If you wanna have a great meal and a great drink, you can come down here. It's a beautiful place to walk around. There's a huge mix of people just walking around outside. It's really vibrant. Basically every section of Seattle is kind of concentrated here and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Elm Coffee Roasters