E. Smith Mercantile

It’s a family affair at E. Smith Mercantile, a charming general store-meets-curiosity shop run by a mother-daughter-daughter trio. Artfully displayed within its crumbly brick walls are all manner of temptations you didn’t know you needed: delicate gold jewelry, buttery suede moccasins, housemade cardamom bitters, even scotch-infused “artisan toothpicks.” Matriarch Kate Poole, the founder of Essential Apothecary Alchemist, cooks up natural beauty potions and products in the basement lab and just opened a pint-size spa beneath the shop. Daughters Sara and Jessie helm the kitchen and drinks, respectively, dishing up creative cocktails and bites at the horseshoe-shaped back bar, which seats just 15. Line up for weekend brunch to observe Seattle’s hippest crowd in its natural habitat. 208 1st Ave S.; esmithmercantile.com

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[MUSIC] My name is Sean [UNKNOWN], this is E Smith Mercantile. Located in Pioneer Square Historic District in Seattle, Washington. [MUSIC] E Smith Mercantile is heritage It's community, it's nostalgia. It's a place where you come to get all your can crafted small goods by local artist. We take our time picking and sourcing and spending some time with the product and get to know the people behind it. Some people come in and they say I haven't seen that for 20 years or they don't even know they made those anymore. So, we really want to focus on bringing stuff that really gets people nostalgic and kind of a comfort zone. [MUSIC] It's also a place to come and grab some delicious food, cocktails. The back bar is gonna be a craft cocktail bar and restaurant where make our own intinkerous infusions and bitters all with a medicinal value. We have labeled on the bottles. As we speak to customers and let them know this is good for your heart, this is good for your lungs. This is a good for anti depressant. So there;s a bigger value than just having a cocktail and enjoying the flavors and the feeling, it's also great for you. The reason why I decided to open the business here in [UNKNOWN] Square is the feeling is right. It's got a historic feel The aesthetic of our business fits in this neighborhood. But overall, this was an artist district. Everyone here is a creator of some sort of item or idea. So we really cling on to the artist part of the neighborhood. One thing that's really great about Pioneer Square is it's a neighborhood. It's not just some district in some big city. Really it's got a small town feel. I do love also living in the community. I run into people all the time that I see here in the bar and we have conversations outside of work. They almost become like friends and that's important to us. As much as we feel like this is a family oriented place and we love having our staff Team here as part of our family. We do wanna extend that to the community. It's something that you wanna be connected to. [MUSIC]
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E. Smith Mercantile