Open only since October 2016, Division Road is a dapper men’s shop—or rather, “a post-modern industrial haberdashery,” in the words of owner Jason Pecarich—whose handsome goods are matched only by the handsomeness of its setting: oriental rugs and polished concrete underfoot; reclaimed wood and glossy black tile swathing the walls. Dedicated largely to 50 to 200-year-old brands from North America, Western Europe, and Japan, the shop spotlights luxury goods such as black waxed boots from Viberg, Melton wool overshirts from Dehen 1920, and mélange French terry sweats from Reigning Champ—“stuff that’s designed and made to last like workwear, from a bygone era, but doesn’t look like it,” says Pecarich. He also partners with manufacturers to create custom capsule collections exclusive to the shop; next up is a Japanese Tiger Strip Camouflage M65 jacket created with Corridor NYC. 536 1st Avenue S.;

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[MUSIC] My name is Jason Peckridge, proprietor at Division Road in Pioneer Square, Seattle. [MUSIC] Division Road is a luxury boutique specializing in heritage-based mens wear. All of our offerings are exclusive to us, what we call hand grade producers. Whether it be Private White BC, an 80 year old outer wear company from Manchester England to our own custom and exclusive cardigan from [UNKNOWN] 1920. Every thing that we carry has it's own story and our believe in it. We're unique in our approach because were first and we kinda belief tha foot wear is the foundation of where guys began their wardrobe, all of our footwear is fully rebuild able and. Meaning full leather mid soles, leather end soles, very thick cork fillings. That really enables our boots or shoes to be a truly lifetime product and hold up beyond 15, 20 resoles. Our search for a location started and ended Did with Pioneer Square. We wanted to be in a location that really spoke to the brand and Pioneer Square being Seattle's original neighbor hood really the foundation of the city has that element not only in the architecture but the history. [MUSIC] One of the things that makes Pioneer Square unique is it really is a community. A lot of our customers who work down here come in and visit regularly, and they give us feedback on things that they've purchased. That connection between the brand And Pioneer Square and our local customers is really important for us. [MUSIC]
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Division Road