Sesame Street's top cookie chef shares the ultimate cookie board.

By Charlie Heller
Updated November 27, 2017

Chef Cookie Monster joins Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple to put together his own take on charcuterie: the char-cookie-rie board. Chapple is no stranger to cheese boards himself, but, he says, the delicious combinations of fruits, cheeses, nuts, and cookies the two arrived at taught him that "you shouldn't shy away from incorporating cookies when you make a cheese board."

While Cookie Monster's preference for cookie cuisine is clear, though, the culinary collaboration revealed some less expected facets of the Sesame Street-based chef's palate. "I was really surprised at how open he was to trying new things," Chapple says, recalling how much Cookie Monster enjoyed the cheeses, figs, and, especially, Marcona almonds.

Chapple introduced Cookie Monster to Marcona almonds, as well as another treat that it’s a bit surprising he wasn't familiar with already: monster cookies. "It was an honor to introduce Cookie Monster to the monster cookie," he says of the "chocolate chip cookie on steroids" packed with candies, pretzels, and oats, and," and luckily for you, its an honor you can watch for yourself.