Chile-Sumac-Pomegranate Nuts

Cookbook author Nik Sharma’s book Season weaves inspiration from his upbringing in Bombay with stories and experience from his adult life in the U.S. The result is a culinary memoir filled with craveable recipes like this sweet & spicy nut-mix.

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[MUSIC]. Hi guys I'm Nik Sharma author of Season. I am going to prepare the chilli pomegranate spice nuts from the book. To start off with, I'm going to add jaggery. Jaggery is [INAUDIBLE] that's used in Indian cooking. It's the most unrefined form of sugar that you can find. It also has a rich mineral taste, which is why I really like it. And it's not too sweet. Find sea salt, if you're not familiar with anardana, anardana is another word for pomegranate seeds, which have been dried in the sun, so they become almost tart, nutty-like, and sweet. I like to use this in recipes to add a little bit of those flavors into it, so this is a ground form and the seeds are grounded into fine powder. So I'm gonna use half a teaspoon, half a teaspoon of sumac. Sumac is a really great souring agent which is obtained from berries, and it's often used in Middle Eastern cooking in place of lime and lemon juice. And then A little bit of cayenne for some heat. I'm also going to add pomegranate molasses. It's basically pomegranate juice that's been cooked down till it gets really thick and concentrated. And so you get a fruity, as well as a bit of a floral taste. A little bit of melted butter. [MUSIC] And I'm gonna mix that and I'm gonna fold in some cashews, some walnuts and of course some of these cashews. Fold this altogether till they are all coated well. I'm gonna spread these nuts now onto this baking sheet that's been lined with parchment paper so they come off easily from the pan when I'm done baking them. And now I'm gonna stick these nuts on the baking sheet into the oven that I preheated at 300 Farenheit and cook them for about 20 minutes until they get golden brown and crispy. The nuts are now done, they're golden brown and crispy. The molasses have kinda taken over and coated all these nuts really well. I also let the nuts cool to room temperature. The nuts are sweet from the pomegranate, molasses and the [UNKNOWN], but they've also got a bit of acidity from the sumac, a little bit of acidity from the pomegranate and molasses, and then a hint of the cayenne, which adds a little bit of heat I'm Nick [UNKNOWN], and you can get this recipe in my book Season and also at [MUSIC]
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Chile-Sumac-Pomegranate Nuts