Tomato Recipes

At the peak of their season, tomatoes hardly need other ingredients (besides maybe some salt and pepper) to let their flavors shine through. From beefsteak to San Marzano, each type of tomato adds a unique level of sweetness, acidity and flavor to a dish. Tomatoes fit into so many spots in the culinary world, from Caprese salads to gratins. You can even make a sorbet from them, as Andrew Zimmern does. “It’s the best and most interesting way you’ve never utilized your favorite tomatoes,” he says. “I make this recipe all summer long with everything from orange sunburst cherry tomatoes to Valencias to German Striped: The bigger the acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes, the better.” F&W’s guide offers every way you could possibly use your tomatoes, with chef-inspired recipes and easy-to-follow videos.

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What to Do With the Last Of Your Tomatoes

Backyard tomatoes don't always get the memo that it's firmly autumn. Here's what to do with their bounty.
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Gluten-Free Fried Green Tomatoes

Naturally gluten-free, cornmeal is the classic (and perfect) coating for tart fried green tomatoes. Be mindful when shopping for cornmeal; many brands are actually cornmeal mixes, which include flour and leavening agents. Keep your eye out for stone-ground cornmeal for the best texture; Bob’s Red Mill is one of our go-to brands.
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Heirloom Tomato and Pepper Toasts with Whipped Ricotta

Velvety smooth, lightly seasoned ricotta serves as the perfect base for juicy ripe tomatoes and charred peppers on grilled levain bread. Fennel pollen adds a light licorice flavor, while fresh basil, chives, and a hint of lemon juice add brightness to the smoky flavor from the grill.
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The Right Way to Cut Tomatoes, No Matter How You’re Using Them

Tomatoes need to be prepared correctly if you are going to show them off to the best of their ability.
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Heirloom Tomato and Plum Salad

Juicy, ripe plums and heirloom tomatoes are a natural pair in this salad from chef Norberto Piattoni of Mettā in Brooklyn. Shaved persimmon and sesame seeds add texture, while shiso and purslane, greens with a distinct savory character, balance the fruit. Slideshow: More Tomato Salad Recipes
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Green Zebra Tomatoes with Tomato-Dashi Sorbet

F&W Best New Chef 2017 Noah Sandoval, of Chicago’s Oriole, highlights summer’s sweetest tomatoes by serving them alongside a savory dashi-and-tomato-water-based sorbet. The dish is cold and refreshing—ideal for a hot summer day. Slideshow: More Tomato Recipes