Tomatillos can seem intimidating with their strange-looking, papery husks—they are actually called Mexican husk tomatoes—but peel those off and they look like any ordinary green tomato. Just don't get the two confused. Green tomatoes are hard, unripe and usually get cooked to mellow out their harsh flavor. Tomatillos, which aren't tomatoes at all, are tart and fruity and mostly show up in salsas and sauces like salsa verde. They can also be eaten raw chopped up in a salad to add a refreshing sour note to the dish. F&W's guide offers authentic Mexican recipes, salsa ideas and a tip for peeling a tomatillo in under 10 seconds.

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Tomatillo Toasts with Prosciutto and Manchego
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Inspired by classic pan con tomate, a Spanish dish of bread rubbed with fresh tomato, Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple tops crunchy toasted bread with tangy grated tomatillos. To round the toast out, he also adds thin slices of prosciutto and shaved Manchego cheese. Slideshow: More Tomatillo Recipes 
From a grilled-tomatillo salsa verde to fish tacos with tomatillo-jalapeño salsa, here are delicious tomatillo-based recipes.
Salsa Verde
Chef Enrique Olvera’s garlicky tomatillo salsa is great on everything from tacos and enchiladas to seafood, roast chicken and pork. Slideshow:  More Salsa Recipes