Radishes can look white, red, purple or black (or anything in between); be round, oval or long; and taste anywhere from mild to peppery. They are versatile vegetables that are great in salads, tacos, sandwiches and more. According to Tom Colicchio, "Radishes are the unsung heroes of the vegetable world." He has been passionate about them ever since he was a kid in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he'd pick them from his grandfather's small garden. "Radishes add texture, spice and color," he says. "I was featuring them in dishes at Gramercy Tavern almost 20 years ago, back when no one else was. Radishes are one of those ingredients that I always use when summer rolls around." While radishes are available year-round, they peak from spring through mid-summer. F&W's guide offers delicious recipes and fun cooking ideas.

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Grilled Verona Radicchio with Bottarga and Wild Apple Molasses
A drizzle of tart apple molasses tames this elegant starter of charred radicchio stuffed with butter and bottarga. Radicchio rosso di Treviso can be substituted for Verona, but keep in mind that the head and leaves are less compact.
Radishes with Seaweed-Matcha Butter
It's worth finding cultured butter to make Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske's riff on the classic French appetizer; it's slightly tangy and high in butterfat. Slideshow:  More Quick Side Dish Recipes
Spicy Quick-Pickled Radishes
These zesty pickled radishes make a great accompaniment to rich pâté or rillettes. Slideshow: More Vegetarian Recipes 
Roasted Radishes with Radish Greens
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Gerard Craft came up with this clever recipe one year when his local farmer had an abundance of radishes. Craft tried roasting them. The result: warm, crisp-tender radishes with delightfully bitter greens, which he finishes with butter and lemon.Plus: F&W's Guide to Fresh Spring Produce More Healthy Salads
17 Unique Radish Recipes
From feta-and-radish toasts to watermelon radishes with chèvre, nori, and smoked salt, these recipes feature radishes in every which way.