Parsnips essentially look like cream-colored carrots, but they are actually so much more. These sweet root vegetables add an earthy, nutty flavor to dishes and there's no shortage of ways to cook them. "I love that root vegetables are so rustic," says chef Marcus Samuelsson. He sautés his parsnips with sunchokes, garlic and Indian spices before pureeing them into a creamy soup. Parsnips are available year-round but hit their peak once the weather starts getting cold. F&W's guide offers hearty recipes that will make you fall in love with this vegetable.

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Brown Butter Parsnip Puree
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At the Brooklyn brasserie Francie, John Winterman and Christopher Cipollone offer this cozy side dish of pureed parsnips. To make it, naturally sweet parsnips are simmered in bay leaf–infused cream until very tender, then pureed in a blender until they take on a silky, mashed potato–like texture. A garnish of diced green apples adds tart, mouthwatering acidity and refreshing crunch, while a generous drizzle of brown butter lends a pleasant richness. At Francie, the parsnip puree is served alongside duck, but it would also be a terrific partner for roast turkey or chicken.
Parsnip Mash with Fried Brussels Sprout Leaves
Mashed parsnips might be even better than mashed potatoes. They have the same creamy, luscious texture, with the addition of a distinctly nutty, slightly sweet flavor. Once topped with crispy brussels sprout leaves, this dish becomes 100 percent irresistible. Slideshow: More Parsnip Recipes 
Creamy Parsnip Soup with Smoked Paprika Oil and Toasted Almonds
This easy-to-make soup is full of comforting flavors and has a lovely contrast in textures, from the silky smoothness of the soup to the crunch of toasted almonds. It's good enough to serve on its own; however, the smokiness of the paprika oil really adds something special. Slideshow: More Healthy Soup Recipes 
Layered Parsnip Cake with Candied Kumquats
It turns out that parsnips, the carrot’s blonde cousins, work just as well for making a perfectly moist cake. This one is both vegan and gluten-free, made with nutrient-rich buckwheat and millet flours, and topped with candied kumquats. Slideshow:  More Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes 
Delicious parsnip recipes, from maple-ginger-roasted vegetables with pecans to parsnip and carrot soup.
Parsnip and Carrot Soup
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Opt for this parsnip and carrot soup when in need of a healthy and warming lunch or dinner.

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Parsnip Bacon
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These crisp, salty and smoky vegetable strips are from chef Quinn Hatfield of Hatfield's in L.A. More Amazing Vegetarian Dishes
Fried Parsnip Ribbons
At Little Giant, Julie Taras and Tasha Garcia usually top stewy braised dishes with these earthy vegetable chips for a bit of crunch. They also serve them at the bar as a salty snack.Plus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips