A classic salad combo is turned into supersimple little sandwiches that are great for picnics.


These healthy recipes are all created to pair with wine (which has 120 to 150 calories for a 5-ounce glass)—all for 600 calories or fewer.

Sweet beets are always delicious with tangy goat cheese—that’s why this combination never gets old. If you can buy beets with the greens still attached, sauté them and add them to the sandwiches.

Beet Sliders with Herbed Goat Cheese and Mint
Active: 15 MIN; Total: 40 MIN

4 small golden or red beets (3 to 4 ounces each), scrubbed, tails trimmed
1 teaspoon sherry vinegar
Salt and pepper
12 slider rolls
4 ounces fresh herbed or plain goat cheese
12 large mint leaves

1. In a medium saucepan or deep skillet, bring 1 inch of water to a boil. Add the beets and steam until tender when pierced with a knife, about 25 minutes. Let cool to warm, then peel off the skins.

2. Slice the beets about ⅓ inch thick. Transfer 12 of the slices to a bowl and toss with the sherry vinegar; season with salt and pepper. (Reserve any remaining beets for another use.)

3. Spread the slider buns with the goat cheese and top the bottom of the buns with a slice of beet. Top the beets with mint, close the sandwiches and serve.

One serving 351 cal, 9 gm fat, 5.6 gm sat fat, 56 gm carb, 2.3 gm fiber, 15.5 gm protein.

Wine A strawberry-inflected rosé, such as 2013 Réserve des Vignerons Cabernet de Saumur.

Kristin Donnelly is a former Food & Wine editor and cofounder of Stewart & Claire, an all-natural line of lip balms made in Brooklyn.