Break out the beets to add an earthy flavor, meaty texture and stunning color—ranging from yellow to purple—to a number of different dishes. Plus, beets aren't just tasty and beautiful, they're really good for you too. They provide plenty of nutrients, including folate, vitamin C and A, fiber and potassium. Once you get hooked on this versatile root, you'll be adding it to salads in summer, roasting it for cool-weather dinners and juicing it for your morning smoothie. Turn to Food & Wine's handy guide to discover everything you can do with beets.

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Roasted Beets with Garden Herbs and Goat Feta

Roasting beets brings out their earthy sweetness, leaving them tender and easy to peel. A vibrant dressing and generous crumbles of fresh cheese complete this elegant side dish.
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Beets and Pistachio Yogurt

Using both pistachio oil and roasted pistachios creates a rich, nutty flavor that pairs well with roasted beets. Serve leftover yogurt with crispy chicken thighs or roasted sweet potatoes.
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Beet-and-Onion Salad

Sweet beets, crisp onion, and great olive oil and vinegar are all you need to make this simple and crowd-pleasing salad from Spanish winemaker Álvaro Palacios. Slideshow: More Beet Recipes
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Beet Muhammara

Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling of Botanica in Los Angeles created this vibrant purple dip when they were trying to “Botanica-ize” the traditional Middle Eastern red pepper dip. “I love the texture and sweet earthiness that comes from the raw beet,” says Fiffer. Slideshow: More Beet Recipes
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Beets & Berries

Adapted from ON VEGETABLES: MODERN RECIPES FOR THE HOME KITCHEN by Jeremy Fox (Phaidon, $49.95 US/$59.95 CAN, April 2017) Slideshow: More Beet Recipes
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Beet Salad with Shiso 

Chef Greg Baxtrom makes a very special beet and snow pea salad at Olmsted in Brooklyn, thinly shaving beets and tossing them with fragrant shiso leaves, nutty sesame seeds, and a warming chile oil spiked with coriander, fish sauce and citrus. Slideshow: More Beet Salad Recipes
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Beet Hummus

This stunning magenta hummus is all about the beets, and, though it’s made without chickpeas, it’s flavored with tahini, garlic and spices, like traditional versions. Slideshow: More Hummus Recipes
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Beets and Berries

Chef Jeremy Fox cleverly pairs roasted beets and lemony quinoa with smashed berries and creamy avocado—an unexpected combination that works brilliantly. Slideshow: More Quinoa Recipes
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Russian Beet Salad

Roasting beets with a little salt intensifies their earthy flavor. Slideshow: More Russian Recipes