9 Things To Do with Poblanos

Here are nine ways to use deeply flavorful and fruity poblanos.

Swamp Chili (Poblano-and-Spinach Posole). Photo © David Malosh
Photo: © David Malosh

Poblano chiles have an alluring fruity quality and add depth of flavor — along with a slight bit of heat — to all kinds of dishes. Here are nine ways to use them.


Puree the roasted chiles into a buttermilk dressing for drizzling over tomatoes or crisp lettuce.


Pan-Fried Flounder with Poblano-Corn Relish

Poblano chiles and corn are a classic pairing. Use them in a relish to serve over fish.

Cream Sauce

Espaghetti con Crema de Poblano, Crab, Cauliflower, and Egg
At Mi Tocaya Antojería in Chicago, Best New Chef Diana Dávila’s “Espaghetti” with Poblano Cream and Crab sums up the essence of her cooking. It’s based on a dish her mom used to make, with broken and fried noodles. Dávila turns it up to 11 with sweet crabmeat, crunchy shaved cauliflower, and an oozy egg. The poblano cream sauce stays super-green thanks to the addition of fresh spinach and cilantro. Greg DuPree

Blend charred poblanos with sour cream, cilantro, and spinach to make a luscious, vibrant green cream sauce.


Whether filled with meat, quinoa, or vegetables, poblanos are great stuffing peppers, adding just a little bit of heat to a filling dish.


Esquites Pasta Salad
Photo by Jennifer Causey / Food Styling by Ruth Blackburn / Prop Styling by Christina Daley

Esquites is the corn salad version of the beloved Mexican street food elote. This hearty pasta salad variation is loaded with charred corn, zucchini, scallions, and poblano chile.


Victor Protasio

Cornbread invites customization, usually in the form of folded-in cheese, scallions, or peppers. Opt for poblanos when you want flavor without intense heat.


Swamp Chili (Poblano-and-Spinach Posole). Photo © David Malosh
© David Malosh

Make chili with hominy (large, creamy corn kernels), adding poblanos for a slightly spicy kick.


Spicy Margarita Punch
© Con Poulos

Poblanos are great muddled into tequila-based drinks. Try them in place of jalapeños for a milder chile margarita that still pleases the palate.


Zucchini Soup with Crème Fraîche and Cilantro

Sauté the chiles with the aromatics for any pureed green vegetable soup. They're especially delicious with mild zucchini.

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