Okra Recipes

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t flock to okra. Outside of the South, it's rarely eaten and rarely missed. But if you've ever had traditional gumbo, then you've likely enjoyed this little plant, which can be used to thicken the dish in addition to roux. While many people steer clear of okra because of its reputation for sliminess, okra can be prepared in delicious ways that will make you forget why you hated it in the first place. F&W's guide to okra covers everything from Southern favorites to new Indian recipes.

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Blistered Okra with Dill-Coriander Lebneh

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Okra lovers will rejoice in this elegant and delicious recipe from F&W's Kay Chun. Brining okra gives it extra flavor, while serving it in a bright and tangy sauce made with lebneh (the soft, creamy cheese made from strained yogurt) really brings the dish together. Slideshow:  More Okra Recipes 

Pork Tenderloin with Fried Okra and Pickled Watermelon

For this Southern-inspired dish, Elliot gives pork tenderloin incredible flavor with a quick brine in sweet tea and aromatic spices.More Delicious Pork RecipesRecipe from Food & Wine Best New Chefs All-Star Cookbook

Charred Okra Relish

Stephanie Izard makes this supersimple Asian-inspired relish to serve alongside grilled meat. Slideshow: More Condiment Recipes 

11 Ways to Use Okra

Here are 11 dishes to make with okra, from most slimy to least.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Okra Salad

Marcus Samuelsson drew on African staples like yams and okra to create this completely original recipe of roasted sweet potatoes tossed with red potatoes, wilted spinach and sautéed okra. Toasted mustard seeds and a caper vinaigrette give this delicious salad a nutty, tangy flavor. More Sweet Potato Recipes

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Grilled Okra with Red Curry-Lime Dressing

Okra gets charred and tender on the grill; tossing it with lime and store-bought curry paste gives it great flavor. Slideshow: Great Grilled Vegetable Recipes 

Fried Okra with Sweet Chile Sauce

Howie Velie loves the tender, delicious young okra from Best of What's Around farm. At Magnolia, he dips it into a cornmeal batter, then fries it until it's puffy, golden and crusty. Make sure to serve the okra right away since it can get soggy if it sits.Plus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips