Shiitake Mushrooms

Fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms are a popular ingredient in various East Asian cuisines. They have an earthy, meaty flavor that adds a rich quality to many vegetarian and vegan recipes. In Japan, they use them as the base for vegetarian dashi, and, in China, cooks sauté shiitakes to add savory umami flavor to vegetarian stir-fries. Dallas chef Tim Byres even uses them to make his hearty vegetable burgers. No matter how you decide to cook your shiitakes, Food & Wine's guide offers plenty of recipes ideas and preparation tips.

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From a shiitake sticky rice recipe to a pasta with shiitake, peas and goat cheese, here are some of our best shiitake mushroom recipes.

Warm Shiitake-Barley Salad

Plenty of sweet shallots and meaty shiitakes add flavor to this hearty barley dish from F&W’s Kay Chun. Slideshow:  More Salads with Grains Recipes 

Shiitake-and-Scallion Lo Mein

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Asian street-food carts sometimes serve food in banana leaves instead of using plates or bowls. Look for them at Asian markets. Here, Melissa Rubel Jacobson wraps the leaves around silky Chinese noodles. More Fast Asian Recipes

Corn and Shiitake Fritters

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Sweet corn kernels take two different forms in these crispy cakes. Half the corn is pureed into the batter; the other half is sautéed with shiitake and onion to give the fritters crunch. More Corn Dishes