Mushroom Recipes

From appetizers to main courses, mushrooms bring out the best flavors in an array of dishes. Here are our delicious and exquisite recipes and tips for preparing the best mushroom dishes at home.

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Grilled Mushrooms with Smoked Crème Fraîche

"Wood can be as essential and impactful an ingredient as fat or salt. As it burns, wood releases chemical compounds that deliver delicious flavors and aromas to food. In this dish, inspired by the cooking of Swedish mushroom forager and chef Elle Nikishkova, applewood and juniper add layers of flavor to oyster and chanterelle mushrooms and rich crème fraîche.  Seasoning the oyster and chanterelle mushrooms with salt and pepper and letting them rest for a long stint in the refrigerator before cooking draws out moisture, helping them caramelize quickly on the grill while staying meaty and tender. When you're ready smoke the mushrooms, place an applewood log alongside coals or place wood chunks directly on coals. For the crème fraîche, place a juniper branch or juniper berries directly onto the coals.

Mushroom Cuban Quesadillas

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At New York City’s Golden Diner, chef Samuel Yoo roasts dry-brined mushrooms to build big flavor into his crispy, cheesy quesadillas. “The taste is very similar to a meat-based Reuben, that’s why we love it,” Yoo says. Here, we’ve channeled his roasting technique to create a vegetarian Cuban, spiked with tangy pickles and mustard. Keeping the mushrooms uncovered during brining helps them release more liquid, leading to a more concentrated flavor.

Mushroom Ragout

Sautéed with shallots and simmered in dry white wine, these tender mushrooms are the perfect pairing with braised duck legs and pan-crisped spaetzle. Be sure to cook the mushrooms in batches; each type cooks differently, and the cook times are crucial to preserve the texture of each variety. Don’t stir the mushrooms too frequently while cooking to allow them to develop deep color and flavor.

King Oyster Mushroom Steaks with Pesto and Almond Aillade

Chef Julia Sullivan employs a duo of cast-iron skillets to prepare the tender, crispy-edged mushroom steaks at Henrietta Red in Nashville; one for cooking the mushrooms, the other for pressing them flat so they cook evenly. Buttery roasted almonds balance the sharper notes of garlic and lemon this rustic French sauce.

Wild Mushrooms with Leek-Garlic Puree and Buckwheat Crêpe Crackers

Shiro dashi is a concentrated soup base combining dashi, white soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. It brings a sweet, savory depth of flavor to the wild mushroom and onion mixture. Chicken stock can be substituted if shiro dashi is unavailable.

More Mushrooms

Enoki Blooms

With a mild, almost fruity mushroom flavor and crisp-tender texture, enoki mushrooms fry beautifully. Soaking the mushrooms in fresh citrus juice carries flavor throughout each bloom.

Mushroom Fricassee

Mushrooms, roasted until tender, soak up flavor and moisture from a bright vinaigrette.

Shaved Mushroom and Pecorino Salad

Chef Brooks Reitz’s salad couldn’t be simpler, so find the finest, freshest, most expertly sourced ingredients and dig out your mandoline to shave the mushrooms precision thin. Slideshow: More Mushroom Recipes