Mushroom Recipes

From appetizers to main courses, mushrooms bring out the best flavors in an array of dishes. Here are our delicious and exquisite recipes and tips for preparing the best mushroom dishes at home.

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Mushroom-and-Herb Gravy with Apple Brandy
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Multiple factors take this umami-rich gravy to the next level, from the caramelized mushrooms to the herb "whisk" used to impart a fresh herb flavor. Melting cultured butter into the sauce at the end ensures a velvety texture, and also gives the gravy a subtle tang. It's perfect with Thanksgiving turkey and delicious with roast chicken; substitute well-reduced homemade chicken stock for the turkey jus. Learn more about how to upgrade your gravy for Thanksgiving.
Mushroom Pot Pie
The deep woodsy flavor of fresh mushrooms is reinforced with dried porcini mushrooms in this gorgeous meatless pot pie worthy of a celebration. The recipe calls for purchased puff pastry, which is not only a relief to those who get nervous by the prospect of having to make their own pastry, but it also cuts out a lot of prep time. Use whatever fresh mushrooms you can find, keeping in mind that a nice mixture will add more flavor and texture to the pie.
Wild Mushroom Toasts
For his wild mushroom toasts, chef Michael Reed starts with griddled sourdough bread, slathers it with homemade hollandaise sauce, tops it with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, and then crowns it with a mound of rich scrambled eggs. The end result is an impressive dish perfect for brunch. Reed uses a mix of mushrooms such as enoki, morel, and maitake, but you can use a mix of any fresh mushrooms available at the market.
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Buttery Sautéed Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs
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Covering the mushrooms for the first few minutes of cooking helps them release their liquid and brown more quickly. Once uncovered, the liquid evaporates, and the mushrooms begin to brown. The result (which is extra umami-rich thanks to the addition of coconut aminos) is a succulent, versatile batch of mushrooms that can be served as a side dish; they could also be spooned over steak, or stirred into hot pasta for an easy dinner.

More Mushrooms

Mushroom Conserva
Marinated in a blend of Champagne vinegar, olive oil, toasted fennel seeds, garlic, and thyme, these tender mushrooms are a winning appetizer waiting to happen. Spoon them over ricotta-topped toast or gooey baked Brie, or add them to a cheese board with plenty of crusty bread for sopping.
Sherry-Scented Mushroom Duxelles 
Named for the 17th-century French marquis d'Uxelles, duxelles is a mixture of minced mushrooms cooked down with shallots and deglazed with wine. In addition to serving as a flavorful filling for the Mushroom Dumplings in Toasted Ginger and Garlic Broth, it's delicious folded into omelets or spread on toast.

Mushroom Cuban Quesadillas

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At New York City’s Golden Diner, chef Samuel Yoo roasts dry-brined mushrooms to build big flavor into his crispy, cheesy quesadillas. “The taste is very similar to a meat-based Reuben, that’s why we love it,” Yoo says. Here, we’ve channeled his roasting technique to create a vegetarian Cuban, spiked with tangy pickles and mustard. Keeping the mushrooms uncovered during brining helps them release more liquid, leading to a more concentrated flavor.