A private chef reveals her best vegetarian recipes to make on the weekend and reheat during the week.

"I used to babysit in college. Parents would give me $40—or even $80—to order in dinner. Instead, I started cooking for them," says Jill Donenfeld. Three days after she graduated, she launched The Dish's Dish, a private-chef service. She now oversees a brigade of professional cooks (she calls them "culinistas") in New York City and Los Angeles, who fill clients' fridges with delicious meals to reheat and eat all week (Gwyneth Paltrow and Neil Patrick Harris are fans). While the culinistas will make anything a client wants—"even chocolate-chip cookies with Crisco," says Donenfeld—their predilection is toward healthy food with farmers' market ingredients: "What's great is that the food that often reheats best is vegetarian and good for you."

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Chipotle-Rubbed Salmon Tacos
Not only are these tacos delicious, but studies have shown that eating salmon and avocado could help keep you young.
| Credit: Joseph de Leo
Week 1, Day 2
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