Light, fluffy and loaded with great spinach flavor, Andrew Zimmern’s soufflés are perfect for brunch, lunch or a light dinner.
Easy Spinach Soufflés

The minute they hear the word soufflé, most home cooks recoil in horror. Don’t. These little gems are super easy, always rise and never fall. This time of year, this soufflé is a fun way to use up the big piles of greens I accumulate in the fridge. I often cook loads of spinach, kale, chard, watercress, etc., when they start getting old in the refrigerator, then I freeze them. Later, I defrost them and use them for this recipe.

I love to serve these soufflés for dinner as a side with roast spring lamb or goat, or as a companion to a tart, mustardy salad for lunch. Get the Recipe