Kale's superfood predecessor tastes delicious in everything from creamy onion dip to cheesy quiche, and can easily be added to a dinner-worthy salad or nutrient-packed side dish. This salad is made with plenty of spinach, smoked chicken, sliced apples, and crunchy walnuts, so it's filling enough for lunch. Throw some spinach into your morning omelet, or try chef Gavin Kaysen's creamed spinach dish, famously popular at his Minneapolis restaurant. Whether we're adding spinach to a grilled cheese sandwich or stirring some into kid-friendly mac and cheese, F&W's guide makes it easier than ever to eat your veggies.

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Spinach Mu'ajinaat
At Reem’s in Oakland, California, traditional Arabic-style stuffed turnovers begin with a yeasted dough rather than flaky pastry. The warm-spiced spinach filling includes allspice, cinnamon, and ground sumac. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 
Easy Creamed Spinach
Butcher Erika Nakamura makes a mean creamed spinach, using a combo of Cognac and Pernod to add complex flavor to the steakhouse staple.
Warm Spinach and Sunchoke Salad
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In Food & Wine test kitchen deputy editor Justin Chapple’s spinach salad, nutty roasted sunchokes gently wilt the greens and crumbled cheddar cheese, while apple slices add great tartness. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 
Catalan-Style Spinach
In this very simple and supertasty dish from Spanish winemaker Álvaro Palacios, curly spinach is cooked just enough to retain its great flavor when mixed with sautéed garlic, toasted pine nuts and plump raisins. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 
Spinach Shakshuka
Instead of making shakshuka with red tomatoes, as is customary, Portland, Oregon, chef Jenn Louis opts to make hers with a mix of Malabar spinach and tomatillos, along with jalapeños, cilantro and spices. The result is a bright, tangy and spicy brunch dish that’s ideal with slabs of rich, toasty challah.
Spinach Borani
The Persian dishes called borani are a genius combination of cooked vegetable and thick drained yogurt. They are generally topped with fried onions, and often with a scattering of lightly toasted walnuts. People rave whenever I serve them, especially this spinach version. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 

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Spinach and Caramelized Onion Dip
Food & Wine’s Kay Chun makes her lighter version of classic spinach dip with nonfat Greek yogurt. Slideshow:  More Party Dips 
Caribbean Green Soup
Callaloo, originally from Africa, is served throughout the Caribbean in different forms—from a thick side dish to the soup you see below. Slideshow: More Caribbean Recipes