Cabbage comes in many forms—the leaves can be curly or smooth, the heads conical, round or flat and the density supercompact or loose. Certain varieties can be delicious chopped up in raw slaws or lightly cooked in a flavorful stir-fry. Chef Tom Colicchio shares one of his favorite ways to cook cabbage: bacony and braised in apple cider. He serves the thick, tender wedges of cabbage with a buttery, tangy cider vinegar sauce (plus copious amounts of chopped bacon). No matter how you like your cabbage prepared, Food & Wine has a recipe that will fit your style.

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Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Bacon
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F&W editor Melanie Hansche really disliked sauerkraut growing up, but sweeter, milder "rotkohl" she could get on board with. This sweet-and-sour, traditional Bavarian braised red cabbage is always served with goose, duck, or pork. To make it, the cabbage is gently braised with tart apple, smoky bacon, orange zest, and spices. You can make the braised cabbage 1 day ahead and refrigerate it overnight; reheat on low to serve. Remove any thick, white ribs when shredding the cabbage so the dish cooks evenly.
Niños Envueltos Dominicanos (Dominican Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)
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Rich with the flavors of sofrito and three types of ground meat, these savory cabbage rolls are irresistible—especially in this version, which comes from Gravalese’s Dominican grandmother. The name of the dish, which translates to “swaddled children,” comes from the shape of the cabbage rolls themselves, but also nods to their deeply comforting nature.
Vigorón (Nicaraguan Cabbage and Yuca with Chicharrones)
Inspired by Mandy Baca's love of Sedano's, a Miami-based Latin grocery store, contrast is king in this refreshing Nicaraguan snack starring mildly sweet, tender yuca; a bracing, crunchy cabbage slaw; and salty chicharrones. Be sure to dress the yuca with all of the vinegar dressing from the cabbage slaw; it cuts through the dense starch and flavors the whole dish.
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