Long before green smoothies became all the rage, cuisines from around the world were incorporating leafy greens into many of their recipes. Italians might sauté some spinach or broccoli rabe with garlic in olive oil while Chinese cooks would stir-fry pieces of bok choy with a splash of oyster sauce. Whatever cuisine and cooking technique you choose—often it's sautéeing, blanching or braising—greens can take on a range of global flavors and be interchanged in many dishes. Most greens tend to be thick, hearty and a bit bitter, so you'll usually need to cook them to mellow them out. F&W's guide covers a wide variety of greens and offers recipes that use them in pastas, stews, side dishes and more.
Celosia flower
Cockscomb Is the Green You Should Be Eating
Fonio-Stuffed Collards with Pepper Sambal and Sauce Moyo
Fonio Stuffed Collards with Pepper Sambal and Sauce Moyo
2 hrs 45 mins
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What is Broccoli Rabe? (And How Should You Cook It?)