Leafy Greens

Long before green smoothies became all the rage, cuisines from around the world were incorporating leafy greens into many of their recipes. Italians might sauté some spinach or broccoli rabe with garlic in olive oil while Chinese cooks would stir-fry pieces of bok choy with a splash of oyster sauce. Whatever cuisine and cooking technique you choose—often it’s sautéeing, blanching or braising—greens can take on a range of global flavors and be interchanged in many dishes. Most greens tend to be thick, hearty and a bit bitter, so you’ll usually need to cook them to mellow them out. F&W's guide covers a wide variety of greens and offers recipes that use them in pastas, stews, side dishes and more.

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Baby Kale Stir-Fried with Oyster Sauce

Stir-frying happens quickly, so line up prepped ingredients to gracefully and easily glide through the cooking process. You don’t need a giant wok for all the greens, which will collapse into a creamy, earthy side dish. Use a wide pot or pan that can take big heat. This recipe is my supermarket take on stir-fried water spinach, a go-to vegetable for everyday Viet meals. Prewashed greens don’t release much liquid, which can dilute flavors and turn a stir-fry sizzle into a fizzle.

Grilled Greens with Popped Mustard Seeds and Ginger

It’s worth firing up the grill just to make this vegetable side from chef Biju Thomas. Mustard greens blister and char over the hot grates until intensely smoky. He tops the greens with aromatics fried in coconut oil, followed by a squeeze of grilled lemon.Slideshow: More Greens Recipes

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Spinach Mu’ajinaat

At Reem’s in Oakland, California, traditional Arabic-style stuffed turnovers begin with a yeasted dough rather than flaky pastry. The warm-spiced spinach filling includes allspice, cinnamon, and ground sumac. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 

Bitter Greens with Soft-Boiled Eggs

The key to enjoying greens like radicchio and escarole in their raw state is to temper their bracingly bitter edge with the rich, the citrusy, and the sweet. The creamy golden yolks of soft-boiled eggs and a zesty vinaigrette bring everything together here. For crunch, batons of toasted sourdough (think chic croutons) are ideal for dipping in the egg. Slideshow: More Escarole Recipes 

Easy Creamed Spinach

Butcher Erika Nakamura makes a mean creamed spinach, using a combo of Cognac and Pernod to add complex flavor to the steakhouse staple. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes